Charles Oakley Blasts James Dolan, Knicks In Scathing New Lawsuit

Charles Oakley tears in to the NY Knicks as the “fool” of the NBA – and rips owner James Dolan as an ineffectual, uncertain liar in a fresh lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports.

Oak is suing Dolan and the Knicks over that scandalous Feb. 2017 event when Oakley was coercively expelled from Madison Square Garden and arrested after a squabble with security.

In his suit, recorded in federal court in NY, Oakley says Dolan had it out for him from the minute he assumed control over the team since Charles declined to “kiss the ring.”

Dolan continually insulted Mr. Oakley, declining to look or shake his hand in meetings, rejecting the sort of fan appreciation night to far less famous and successful individuals from the Knicks.

The final blow – Oakley says Dolan made him to purchase his own tickets to Knicks games while routinely treating other retired players to free courtside seats.

Oakley says things reached a crucial stage on Feb. 8 when Dolan requested that security should take him out of the building and a physical squabble resulted. Oakley says Dolan then ran a slight campaign, erroneously blaming him for being a heavy drinker who was drunk at the Garden.

Truly, Oakley points to an ESPN Radio interview in which Dolan said Charles “may have an issue with alcohol” and afterward allege Oak was verbally abusive to MSG staff.

Oakley says he was neither drunk nor generally carrying on improperly that night.

Oakley is suing for defamation, assault, battery, false detainment and more. Oakley does not indicate how much cash he’s pursuing.

We talked with Oak’s lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, who lets us know, “While the facts of the complaint speak for themselves, Mr. Oakley filed this lawsuit out of principle and his desire to hold Mr. Dolan accountable for his actions which I can assure you that our Firm is committed to doing on his behalf.”

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